• The Haymaker (OWB)


    The Haymaker is an OWB holster. You see it coming and it's coming for a knock out!

    Our OWB holster are made with 90/10 mold. Meaning 90% of the gun in molded in the front kydex piece and only 10% in the back giving you less bulging in the back. Our OWB holsters are also vacuum formed on a curved jig, giving the holder a nice curve so when you wear it, it hugs the body nicely. 

    If you will be ordering a holster with a weapon mounted light, we strongly suggest an adjustable retention screw.

    *The POW/MIA and the Kryptek Typhon holsters pictured are shown with belt attachments we no longer use. We now strictly use the closed loop wing style belt attachments. 


    If you have a gun that we don't have send us an e-mail before ordering Sales@HighCountryHolstersLLC.com. You can buy a Gun Mold from OUR list of vendors, you send us the mold, and your holster will just be the cost of that mold! Once we receive the mold, we will make your holster and send it to you! We are constantly working on our gun mold inventory.*Only available for regular colors NOT custom prints. If you want a custom print and do the "Buy the Mold" program, you will receive an invoice for the custom print.*