• Sucker Punch (IWB)


    Our Sucker Punch holsters are designed for concealed carry. Properly named because it delivers a blow without warning!

    Adjustable Cant and Adjustable Retention

    **(Pre-Order) next to your gun model in the drop down menu means that the mold is being processed and is being shipped to us and we have not yet received it. 


    If you have a gun that we don't have, send us an e-mail before ordering Sales@HighCountryHolstersLLC.com. You can buy a Gun Mold from OUR list of vendors, you send us the mold, and your holster will just be the cost of that mold! Once we receive the mold, we will make your holster and send it to you! We are constantly working on our gun mold inventory. *Only available for regular colors NOT custom prints. If you want a custom print and do the "Buy the Mold" program, you will receive an invoice for the custom print.*